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Late Summer

Taking Care of Business

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Taking Care of Business

Farm management planning can help build a solid future - Kevin Forbes describes his farm management style as a laid-back approach that focuses on creating the right environment for his cows, employees and family to succeed.

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Managing  Heat Stress

Managing Heat Stress

Canada’s summer forecast is expected to be cooler than recent years; however, in May, many parts of Ontario were gripped by an unexpected heat wave.

Can Access to an Exercise Area Improve Cattle Welfare?

Can Access to an Exercise Area Improve Cattle Welfare?

Freedom of movement is highly valued by society as one of the most important living conditions for farm animals.

For producers in tiestall systems, moving toward housing that provides cows with more freedom to move is neither easy nor quick. Providing an exercise area for cattle is a simple and affordable solution that allows for more movement and improved dairy cattle welfare

Connecting  to the Future

Connecting to the Future

Gaps still exist in Ontario’s rural and northern web infrastructure.

Rob Goodwill signs into Zoom to lead a meeting. Then his internet connection buffers and kicks him out.

Unstable connections annoy everybody but it’s doubly annoying for Goodwill, Chair of Gay Lea Foods, to be kicked out of his own meetings.

Monitoring Genetics Can Improve Production and Fertility

Monitoring Genetics Can Improve Production and Fertility

Targeted genetic selection could reduce the negative effects of inbreeding.

University of Guelph researchers have found that reducing a herd’s genetic diversity could hamper milk production and fertility in dairy cattle.